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Leaders Helping Leaders Network was created by Dean Crisp, an author, speaker and expert on leadership development.  We are committed to inspiring others to put their leadership into action every day. Learn more about LHLN…


“Leadership begins with personal growth.”

“You can have the skills, you can have the actions, but you have to have the ‘want to’ to lead others.”   

Dean Crisp, President/CEO


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Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line is Dean’s first book and is a compilation of his thoughts on leadership. The book is written in a compelling way that takes you through his leadership journey which he will tell you continues to this day. 

Written from a law enforcement perspective, the lessons in leadership apply both within and outside of law enforcement and are more about what it takes to become a leader of influence. Click on the book image to be redirected to Barnes and Noble.com 

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How the Warrior Mindset Shapes Law Enforcement

Check out Dean’s Ted Talk that he gave at TedTalk Tryon, NC. The topic is on the Warrior vs Guardian mindset of policing. 

We add videos all the time. Check back for more…