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Accelerated Leader online Course

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The ACCEL-erated Leader eCourse




  • Online, on-demand course for leaders
  • Learn the basics of intentional leadership
  • Decide what type of leader you want to be
  • Mindset & Leadership
  • Finding your GPS moment of leadership
  • Having the “Want To” and defining your “WHY” of leadership
  • Tying your “WHY” to the organizational purpose so that your employees understand
  • How to have a Crucial vs. Critical Conversation
  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

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The Warrior-Guardian Leader




  • 2.5 Day Class or as an abbreviated, 1-Day Workshop
  • Based on the Warrior-Guardian Model
  • Designed for the new leadership environment
  • Targets the mindset and decision-making skills
  • Provides the confidence your new hires need
  • Offers your supervisors a new way of leading
  • Great Refresh for All Levels of Officers
  • Offers real-life experiences that officers will face in the field & provides role-play opportunities


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The Intentional Leadership




  • 2.5 Day Class
  • Geared to All Levels of Leadership
  • Introduce New Leaders to the Best Practices
  • Introduce Veteran Leaders to a New Way of Executing
  • Develop your “WHY” statement of being a Leader
  • Critical Components of a Leader
  • Understand what the difference is between a Critical vs Crucial Conversations
  • The importance of Mentoring as the rent you pay as a leader


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Master Leadership & Presenter




  • 5-Day Interactive Development Class
  • Understand and learn how to build a connection between you and the audience
  • Walks student through basic aspects of presenting and structuring a presentation
  • Keys to all successful presentations
  • Gain confidence you need to succeed as a leader
  • Informational and entertaining style of teaching 
  • Immediately put tips into action

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#1 Best Selling Author

“My motive and intent in writing this book is simple: I want to provide the reader with leadership lessons and experiences which I hope will help you, the reader, to become a better leader and, more importantly, a better person.”

– Dean Crisp






life-changing classes

Our live classes change lives every week. Dean’s unique style of presentation and connection with his students, makes the classroom come alive. Don’t miss the opportunity to take or schedule a class. Be sure to sign up on our website to be notified of upcoming classes or request one in your area.

We are always looking for new host agencies across the country. Please sign up to let us know you are interested in hosting.

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Leadership resources & community of peers

Every week, we offer additional resources that you can use to make your leadership the best it can be. From podcasts to blog posts and information from our LHLN Leadership Library, we seek, find and share the news you can use every day.

Suggest a guest for Dean’s podcast or submit a guest blog post on a leadership topic. 

Be sure to sign up on our website to make sure you don’t miss any of it.






eLearning & Virtual ClassRoom

We know that many cannot take a live class or may not be near a scheduled class. Our eLearning platform is for you! With on-demand, online learning, you can experience a unique eLearning class with videos of Dean from the classroom in most modules. In addition, we offer periodic live and virtual learning opportunities as well. Please check back to see our offerings and to be notified of new classes.




mentoring & Coaching

As we grow, we will be adding structured and informal mentoring opportunities. The structured opportunities will be with Dean and other certified leaders to help you grow your leadership and put it into action. Also, we will be adding a mentoring network directory and member forum that will enable you to reach out to other professionals for information and guidance whether it be flash mentoring or ongoing mentoring partnerships. Be sure to sign up to be the first to learn of these opportunities or to be considered as a potential LHLN certified mentor.