“Have you ever woken up with a fire in your heart, mind, and soul? It’s a feeling that if you don’t do something with it, the fire may just consume you whole. Since I completed the Master Instructor/Presenter class with Dean Crisp, the fire and desire have been running away. “

Christina Martinez


The Power of Inspiring Others to Personal

By Kelle Corvin, Dir. of Business Development, LHLN

November 10, 2020

This week’s podcast is an inspiring tale of how much one person can inspire others to make positive changes in their lives.  About two months ago, Dean, and co-instructor, Tim Plotts, taught Dean’s newest class, Master Presenter, in Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office to several of their commissioned and non-commissioned officers. One of those was Christina Martinez. Christina had been a commissioned officer prior to an injury that placed her in a civilian, non-commissioned role as a trainer with PBSO.  As our business development director, I’m always hearing stories and reading reviews of our classes and Dean’s instruction that talk about how inspirational and motivational the class they took was. I hear how much useful and actionable information they get from Dean’s unique style of teaching. Those are a constant and a given. I’m not overstating when I say, that a Dean Crisp class changes lives.

What made Christina (Tina’s) story so remarkable to us was to see what she did immediately after graduating. You see the 5-day, Master Presenter class in intense. It pushes you to your limits. For those who get the most out of it, they immediately understand that the 5 days will ask them to reach deep within themselves and to find within them something they didn’t know they had. The reward for that is indescribable. In Tina’s case, she immediately saw what was at the heart of a Dean Crisp class – your mindset. The day after graduating from this class, Tina embarked on a 30-day, positive mindset initiative that she chronicled on her Instagram page Tina the Bull. The 30 days is an amazingly inspirational look at what one person can do and how one person can impact your life and inspire you to do remarkable things.

Tina is the daughter of Cuban immigrants who came to this country when there was little hope left in Cuba. She watched her parents meet the challenges of being immigrants in a foreign country where you did not speak the native language. She learned a lot from them. She grew up loving America and wanted to serve as a law enforcement officer. She says that was the only job she ever wanted to do – and that’s what she did. When she was injured, she faced the reality that she could no longer be a commissioned officer with grace and determination. She took a position as a trainer with Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office so that she could continue to give back to the profession she loved and to support and encourage others. She’s taught her two daughters to never give up by showing the way. When she landed in our Master Presenter class in late September, she had no idea what to expect. She thought she would be learning techniques for being a better trainer and presenter. Tina had no idea how deeply the instruction that week would touch her nor how her reaction would inspire others through her 30-day challenge.

I myself have been personally inspired by Tina’s commitment and tenacity. It shows just what can be accomplished with intention and commitment. Her willingness to show her own vulnerability with her very public 30-day mindset challenge was amazing! I honestly don’t know if I could have done the same. However, I will say this, her challenge, inspired by Dean’s instruction and encouragement during the 5 days of master presenter, changed her life, and, as a result changed many others including my own. It shows how every day people doing ordinary things with consistency, commitment and encouragement can inspire others to do the things that make a difference in their life.

For me, Tina’s commitment made me commit to a new diet and exercise plan that has already generated amazing results. Her willingness to show vulnerability by posting on social media about her experience impacted me to re-commit to daily journaling about my own mindset and leadership in what I do every day at LHLN.

So, I’ll end with a couple of questions for our readers. Who has inspired you lately? Who have you inspired lately? What personal transformation are you committed to and are you taking the daily, intentional steps to make it happen? That’s leadership.

When you lead yourself first, others will follow.


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