Meet Our Team of Professionals

Dean Crisp, President & Lead Instructor

Dean is a 38-year veteran of law enforcement including 21 years in command leadership positions and 17 years as a chief of police. He has received a number of awards for innovative leadership in law enforcement at all levels as well as the prestigious Jefferson Award.  He is a graduate of the FBI-NA #172 graduate as well as a FBI-LEEDS, and U.S. Secret Service DPS. Dean also had the honor of training with the Israeli National Defense. Dean is a true self-starter having attended night school while working full-time as a law enforcement officer still on shift duty eventually earning three advanced degrees: associate of arts degree in criminal justice; bachelor of science in criminal justice; and a master’s of public affairs from Western Carolina University.After his retirement in 2009, Dean became and Instructor and eventual National Training Director for FBI-Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (LEEDA) with whom he is still an active instructor.  Dean was instrumental in creating the Trilogy program that is taught by FBI-LEEDA. He is the primary content creator at LHLN including development of our three live classes: Intentional Leadership: Leading With A Purpose, Master Presenter, and Character-Driven Officer. Dean also developed his first eCourses last summer known as The Accelerated Leader.  He is known as a dynamic, enthusiastic, inspirational speaker that conveys real information that is immediately actionable. Dean is the author of Essential Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line
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Kelle Corvin, Director of Business Development

Kelle brings more than 25 years of executive level and management consulting experience to CCG. She’s served as an Assistant City Manager for three jurisdictions where her responsibilities included budget and finance management, special projects, economic and community development and human resource management. Kelle was instrumental in receiving the GFOA Budget and Financial Reporting Awards for the cities of Maplewood, Missouri and Mauldin, South Carolina. She was named one of Greenville, South Carolina’s Best and Brightest Under 35 and has been given numerous other awards for her professional and volunteer work. Kelle is a graduate of Leadership Missouri, Opportunity Greenville, Leadership Greer, Leadership Golden Strip as well as a graduate of the South Carolina School of Economic Developers through the College of Charleston. She is also certified in EQi, DISC and Motivators individual assessments.

In addition to running the day-to-day operations and business development for LHLN, Kelle enjoys assisting with content creation and helping Dean complete and execute his many ideas. She’s been known to write a blog post or two and is a frequent guest on Dean’s podcast. Please contact her with any questions about scheduling a class or appearance by Dean or one of our other instructors. 

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Mac Marsh, Instructor

Captain Earle Marsh began his career at the Columbia Police Department in 1991 as a Police Cadet. After graduating the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in 1993, Captain Marsh was assigned to the North Region as a Patrolman. In 1998 he was assigned to The Organized Crime Narcotics Unit as a Narcotics Case Agent and Narcotics K-9 Handler. During his time in the Narcotics Unit, he was attached to the FBI Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and the DEA Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force. In 2006 he was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the North Region Community Response Team as the Unit Supervisor. Captain Marsh achieved the rank of Lieutenant in 2010 where he served at the Executive Officer in the North Region and the city wide Watch Commander. In January 2011, he was tasked with officially opening the East Region where he served as the Acting Captain until July of 2011 when he was appointed to rank of Captain and assigned to the Metro Region as the Metro Region Commander until the end of 2015. Captain Marsh is currently assigned to Special Operations as the Division Commander.Captain Marsh was selected to the Columbia Police Department’s SWAT Team in 2001 as a SWAT Team operator. In 2007 he was appointed to the SWAT Team Leader position. In 2010, the Chief of Police appointed Captain Marsh to SWAT Team Commander. In 2015 the Columbia Police Department centralized their critical response teams (SWAT, Negotiations, Mobile Field Force, and Bomb Unit) into an Emergency Response Unit (ESU). Captain Marsh is currently the Commander of ESU.

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Tim Plotts, Instructor

Tim began his law enforcement career in 1984 with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. He retired in April of 2012 as the Troop Commander of Troop B, with over 300 sworn and civilian employees in his charge. As a Troop Commander, he had sole responsibility for the NCSHP’s response to events that occurred in southeastern North Carolina. Tim remains a sworn law enforcement officer with the Buncombe County, NC Sheriff’s Office.He has an Associates of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management from Montreat College. He is a graduate of the 101st session of the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville, Kentucky and the 242nd session of the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia.

Tim received the first annual William Hyatt Leadership Award from Western North Carolina University. He was selected by his peers at the University of Louisville to serve as a class officer. He also received the Meritorious Service Award from the NCSHP for service above and beyond the call of duty.Tim has been instructing with FBI-LEEDA since 2011. 
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Andrew Crisp, Podcast Producer


Morgan Crisp, Marketing Coordinator


Our Mission

 It Is All About Living A Purpose-Driven Life Through Intentional Leadership


At Crisp Consulting Group our mission is to use our talent and expertise to help others find and live their “why” with purpose. It’s why Dean created the Intentional Leadership: Leading with a Purpose class and why he’s so passionate about transforming the lives of others. Every class we create is with that “why” in mind.Since 2009, President Dean Crisp has been using is experience and knowledge of leadership to transform the work and personal lives of others. Our goal is to be the best leadership development training and consulting organization for our clients whether they be in law enforcement or other industry. 

Our Why

Everything we do is focused on our “why” – To inform, instruct and inspire others so as to help them live a purpose-driven life. 

This is what makes LHLN unique. We truly embody what we say. Our customers come back again and again for our expertise because they know WHY we do it.

Inspirational & Informative Training:

It all starts with inspirational leadership training… Our dynamic approach to leadership training through an engaging, interactive teaching style sets the tone for a unique classroom experience.  All of our instructors  must demonstrate that they have the classroom & connection skills to train at our level.  There are no slide readers in our group. If you book a class with us, you can be assured that your employees will enjoy learning and will learn more from our instructors than any other provider.

Motivational Speaking:

Our president, Dean Crisp, is TedTalk Veteran, but he’s been providing inspirational leadership speeches for most of his career. Whether it’s on the topics from his book, his new class Intentional Leadership, or any leadership or law enforcement topic of interest to his audience, you can be sure that your audience will not be disappointed. Book Dean today by contacting Kelle at 

The LHLN Network:

Leaders Helping Leaders Network is a one-of-a-kind community of law enforcement leaders committed to helping each other. We provide a safe, secure online platform where you can dialogue with other leaders to learn from and find support for new services, issues or successes you wish to share. Many of our members have connected with one another offline to further their professional, mentoring relationship. Whether it’s through information sharing to become better technically in their job OR through developing a mentoring partnership with another network member, the LHLN Network is a one-of-a-kind community that is transforming lives.

Program Consulting & Development:

While we have designed live and online classes that provide leaders with cutting edge information and techniques that make them the best leaders in their work and personal lives, LHLN has the ability to customize leadership development programs for organizations. We consistently work with our clients to integrate the concepts LHLN has designed with the needs of our clients creating a seamless flow of leadership development programming for them. Often CCG is asked to provide consulting services to agencies looking to update their training programs or develop new internal leadership programs, coaching and mentoring. We enjoy working with our clients through a systemic and integrated process that allows us to tailor the programs created to the client’s specific needs.In addition, we have been asked to help a multitude of organizations address some of the critical issues facing law enforcement today such as the officer safety and wellness; community policing programs; and other challenges facing the law enforcement community. This is why we created the Character-Driven Officer class, Anti-Bias Policing and De-escalation Workshops as well as Leading Generations in the 21st Century Workplace targeting the specific generational challenges that law enforcement faces.We look forward to working with you and/or your organization to help you put your leadership into action.Some of the concepts we have trademarked include:

  • Intentional Leadership
  • Character-Driven Officer
  • Defining your GPS Moment
  • Deciding What Kind of Leader You Want to Be 
  • Crucial Conversations vs Critical Conversations
  • Strategic Self Discovery
  • And Much More
Coaching & Mentoring:

Our instructors often take on personal coaching clients. When they do, an individualized plan of action is co-developed with the coaching client with the intent of growth both in self and as a leader. We will soon add a master’s class and coaching groups to allow for exchange among LHLN members. It is through dialoguing with our peers that some of the best learning occurs.