What you will learn in a packed 2-hours!

  • Design your own personal leadership process to ensure success
  • Define the three types of leaders in our organizations
  • Understand how commitment and effort are intertwined
  • How to set expectations and get the most out of yourself and others
  • How to bridge the gap between good intentions and actions
  • Ask Dean questions and much, much more
  • Contact Kelle Corvin at 864-275-4800 or email kcorvin@lhln.org for department pricing or to pay by check

Becoming The Best Leader Possible

Intro price of $95

all future virtual classes will start at $195

Growing begins with an intentional focus on what makes you your best possible leader. During this 2-hour, live, interactive virtual class, Dean will take  you through the things he has found grow the leader inside you.


“This class will change not only how you look at those you lead, but will change you for the better.”


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