ACCELerated Leadership






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Accelerated Leader Part 1:


A start to grow yourself.

  • Intro to Leading
  • Define the Leader you want to be
  • Mindset of Leadership
  • Find your GPS Moment
  • Leading Through Connection

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Accelerated Leader Part 2:


A plan for growing others.

  • Defining your “WHY”
  • Motivating Employees
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Bringing it All Together

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Entire Online Course:

Part 1 and 2


A strategy for growing your organization!

  • ALL 10 Modules 
  • Video, Read, Write
  • Engage 
  • Interactive
  • Transformational
  • Apply Immediately

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Accelerate your Leadership



Critical Foundational Components of Successful Leaders

On-Demand Learning for the Busy Professional

Transformational; not just Informational

Video, Audio, Reading, Writing

Lessons from the Classroom

Engage with other students 

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What Graduates Say

“I highly recommend  checking LHLN for life changing material. Not only helpful in your professional life but your personal affairs as well.”

Christina Martinez

“I find that stressful work situations don’t seem as stressful. It’s almost like I can read situations better and now have the tools to not only help myself but others navigate through them.”

Adrienne Davenport, Training coordinator   Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

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Courses Designed and Taught by Dean Crisp