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I’m so excited to be bringing this alternative learning opportunity to you. Our team has been working on a variety of on-demand learning opportunities to address the real issue of time and access to live classes. Covid-19 brought to our attention the issue and roadblocks to providing quality leadership development to you the student of leadership. Our goal at LHLN is to provide you the ability to control your destiny and your own leadership growth. To that end, I created the first of what I envision many classes we will offer in this eLearning platform that we are calling eLHLN.

One of my main goals in creating these online classes is to maintain some aspect of the connectivity I see in live courses by offering a way to help the student connect to the course even though it is being done remotely. I think we have found a way to do just that through OUR UNIQUE Lessons from the Classroom” that is in each module.

Below is a list of the 10 modules with 53 lessons in the class. It offers a combination of learning opportunities from video, to audio, to reading and writing. It’s a class that can truly change your life!  In fact, I specifically picked these topics as the critical foundational components of successful leaders. It’s something I wish I had had available to me when I became a supervisor in my mid 20s and a chief of police at 33 years of age. Just a few things to highlight:

  • This course is on demand – once you sign up, you can take it at your own pace although we encourage students to complete it within 90 days of starting it for maximum impact.

  • These lessons will change your life. Each builds on the other especially when you dedicate yourself to completing the assignments. I assure you whether you are a veteran supervisor or just starting out, this class will make you better professionally and personally.

  • This course will grow your leadership. This course will offer you not only great content, but the opportunity to engage other students and me the instructor through our online discussion forums. This will help you connect to other leaders from you you can learn from and teach each other.

  • The course is a no brainer to take! Itconsists of literally hundreds if not thousands of hours of my learning and developing the concepts that I teach in this course. All told, the course is worth $1000s, but my goal is to reach as many of you as I can. Which means we will offer this course for $497 beginning July 1, 2020…however, because of how much stress I know many departments are under budgetwise with the shutdowns from the Covid19 crisis, I wanted to make a special offer to my LHLN friends first. So…

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