A veteran police chief’s hard-won lessons on leading yourself, leading others, and leading an organization. Essential Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line is just that – lessons learned the old-fashioned way through trial and error, studying, hard work, and experience while on our nation’s front lines to serve and protect. Dean Crisp spent decades leading people where a single misstep could cost a life. Faced with the daily challenges of a police chief, Dean threw himself into learning all he could about effective leadership and applying those lessons in his departments. He shares those hard-won lessons in this book.

Dean lays the book out into three key sections that build on each other to help you become a better leader: leading yourself, leading others, and leading the organization. Dean’s approach to leadership is built on his concept of Diamond Leadership, a four-point method that creates a self-perpetuating synergy for positive change. Dean has taught this method in elite conferences to countless rising leaders, and now brings it to you.

Built on the success of Dean’s debut leadership book, Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line, this new release features a revised approach to the curriculum, expanded information, and a streamlined formula to develop the leader within you.

Essential Leadership Lessons from the Thin Blue Line uses personal anecdotes to drive home the human element of leadership and will connect with you at any point on your journey to becoming a significant leader.




Leading Yourself

All great leaders know that leadership begins with you. Do you know what type of leader you want to become? Dean walks through the key components of what makes significant leaders and how you can find your GPS moment and chart your leadership development journey.


Leading Others

Leading others is the most exciting and most challenging aspect of leadership. One’s ability to influence others is what makes a leader, a leader. In this section, Dean walks the reader through the true “rent” that all leaders pay to hold their positions – how well are they growing future leaders? Learn what works; what does not. The lessons will be a reference for leaders for year’s to come.


Leading the organization

Leading the organization involves more than just writing mission statements and vision statements it’s about understanding how the organization acts within and how it interacts with the outside whether it be the community it polices or the other departments and political elements with which it works regularly.


Author, Dean Crisp

Dean is a retired chief of police, life-long learner, leadership influencer and committed to the growth of others. He lives his ‘why’ every day “to inform, inspire and instruct others so as to help them find and live a purpose-driven life”

Dean thrives on bringing quality leadership development education to his students, primarily law enforcement and first responders. He is dedicated to bringing relevant, actionable leadership information to those in the front lines of our cities, counties, and states as law enforcement and first responders. 

Most students describe his teaching style as info-tainment. Funny and engaging, Dean provide a fire hose of information in such a manner that his students describe it as the best leadership development training that they have ever experienced. You can book Dean to speak or teach one of his three signature courses below.

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Dean lives in his hometown of Asheville, NC with his wife of 39 years, Kim. They have grown twin sons, Adam and Andrew, two daughters-in-law, Ashley and Morgan, and 6 grandchildren, all twins! Adalyn & Parker, Ada & Josie, and the youngest set Miller and Beckham. 


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