Live Classes

We offer a variety of live classes each designed to up your leadership skills and abilities. Each course is created by Dean Crisp with the exception of our Active Intruder class which was developed and is taught by Captain Mac Marsh of the Columbia, SC Police Department.

We are happy to talk with you about scheduling a live class in your area.





Warrior-Guardian Leader

This course, based on Dean’s Warrior-Guardian Model of policing as he presented in his TED Talk,  takes students through a journey of what it means to be character-driven. It draws on the important aspects of being an intentional leader by getting a new-hire or young officer to view their job as that of a community leader. Where is their mindset? Why are they a law enforcement officer? What kind of officer do they want to be? And then Dean walks them through a variety of real-life, decision-making scenarios that bring all of this together for the officer.


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Intentional Leadership

Our signature class created by Dean Crisp. Takes students on a 2.5-day exploration of what it means to be an intentional leader.   During the class, you will learn the importance of developing your “why” of leadership; the four critical components of a leader; the maturity levels of leaders; how to have a crucial conversation; and so much more. Check out our classes near you or request one.


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Master Presenter Class

This is a 5-day intensive, participatory, and interactive class limited to 25 participants. It walks the student through the basic aspects of presenting and what Dean believes are the keys to all successful presentation: connection to the audience; audience connection to the speaker; and audience connection to each other. Everyone that has taken the full 5-day class has loved it.


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Accelerated Leader Online class                          

Created for the on-the-go professional that is dedicated to personal growth and development, the program offers a variety of courses beginning with our Accelerated Leader Program I designed for the aspiring or newly-promoted leader. We will be adding new courses regularly including an Accelerated Leader II, an eVersion of our Leading Generations, a promotional program for those wanting a proven process to succeed, and a master minds program for the executive level leader. 

Managing Generations in the 21st Century Workplace

This half-day workshop is timely for leaders wanting to understand both the Millennial and iGen generations entering the workforce and entry-level supervisory positions. The class explains what drives them, how to recruit them, onboard them and motivate them. In addition, the importance of how to manage and transfer institutional and organizational knowledge as older Baby Boomer and Xer generations retire is discussed.  Request a workshop here.

anti-Bias Policing

This class will be an extension of the character-driven officer class based in warrior-guardian principles. The warrior-guardian officer approaches situations and people as a guardian first and warrior second. Their goal is serving their community which is made of people of all races, backgrounds, and creeds. Seeing people first and problems second helps the warrior-guardian officer effectively assess the situation and act accordingly free from bias.

Active Shooter Defensive & preventative training

Taught by veteran law enforcement officer, Earle “Mac” Marsh, this class is a half-day workshop for your business and employees regarding the very real threat of active shooters. Mac takes employees through the best practices of how to identify, mitigate, and prevent active shootings in the workplace. Students in this class will learn how to recognize the signs of a potential threat, how to react and prevent death in the circumstance of an active shooting event.

threat Assessment

As part of the active shooter training or separately, Mac Marsh will also do a threat assessment and security risk assessment with your staff to help identify or suggest potential threats to our place of business. 



Dean does take on clients as a coach or mentor when time permits and motivation is high. The process is a recurring dialogue that will vary for each client. Whether you are a new chief or recently promoted to the