Intentional Leadership

Part I of IV

By Kelle Corvin, Director of Business Development

October 6, 2020

Over the next few weeks, we thought it would be helpful to share with you the transformation we are seeing in the classroom. Dean has now created 3 signature classes that he’s been crisscrossing the country to teach. In addition, because of the travel restrictions placed on agencies and leaders to secure the quality training they need, we spent time creating a brand new e-learning class called the Accelerated Leader. You will hear about that as we roll that and our eLearning platforms out over the next few weeks.

2020 has been quite a year. No one could have predicted Covid-19 and all of the fallout from that. It certainly impacted our ability to grow leaders in person during the spring months. By summer, we were back on the road and providing quality leadership development training in those areas of the country that re-opened.

Dean’s first class, Intentional Leadership: Leading with a Purpose continues to be a hit wherever it is taught. Some of the comments and feedback we have received always reinforce that it is one of if not THE best leadership class they have ever taken. With Dean’s unique style of teaching and, really partnering with his students to create a unique learning dynamic, our students leave the classroom feeling they have learned new ways to enhance their own leadership and how to grow others.

In our 2.5-day Intentional Leadership Class, students are taken on a journey to determine what type of leader they want to be; what their “why” of leadership is; and how to grow their team into future leaders through maturity and what Dean considers to be the four pillars of leadership. In today’s workplace, whether it be law enforcement or civilian, your ability to manage your mindset, your emotional intelligence, triage your feelings as a leader and to self-heal are critical.

Dean believes at the root of it all is the importance of looking at yourself. Those who understand themselves, will  end up being the best leaders most especially if they learn how to manage themselves and grow others. The goal of this class is to take the student (be it a new sergeant or potential sergeant to the veteran executive leader) on a journey to understand where they are in their personal growth and development – what Dean calls your GPS Moment.

This class has been taught throughout the United States and Canada over 4 dozen times and every time, students crave more. The desire to do a deeper dive into specific topics discussed during the Intentional Leadership class has informed us to create future online webinars and MasterMind groups that will be coming in 2021.

Please check our website to see where we have this class scheduled for 2021. We are scheduling classes now and would be happy to discuss your department or agency as a possible host site. We offer open enrollment classes and contract classes to our students. Some of the key aspects of the class include:

  • What is an intentional leader
  • The mindset of a leader
  • How your thinking affects your leadership
  • The type of leader you want to be
  • The layered leader model
  • The Diamond Leadership Model
  • Maturity level of leaders
  • Defining your GPS Moment
  • Creating your ‘why’ of leadership
  • The four critical components of a leader
  • How to have a critical conversation vs a crucial conversation
  • Why Mentoring is the key to successful leadership

We hope to see you in an upcoming class. Feel free to reach out to me, Kelle Corvin, if you would like to host one of these classes. Next week, we will talk about one of our most transformative classes, the Master Presenter Course. 

Thanks to all for your support of what we are doing. Together, we will create a leadership network that will continue the growth for all.

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“The Intentional Leader is laser-focused on his/her role in developing the people in their charge. They understand that the rent they pay are the leaders they leave behind.”


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