Pillar 2: the Importance of Emotional Intelligence

As I continue the blog series on the Four Pillars of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is Pillar two. This pillar is very important fpr two reasons:

1) It is vital to helping any leader create a connection with their subordinates;


2) Perhaps even more importantly, EiQ helps the leader manage themselves.

EI is one of the most complex of the Pillars and yet the most effective. This pillar changed not only me for the better as a leader but also changed the way I was viewed as a leader.

I am often asked by leaders on how they can make a fast and significant improvement to their leadership. The answer, without a doubt, is improve your emotional intelligence.

So what is emotional intelligence you might ask? According to Daniel Goleman author of the seminal work on Emotional Intelligence it is “the ability to manage ones self and their relationship with others”.  As simple as this may sound, the actual execution of emotional intelligence can be daunting. Why? Because it requires you as a leader to take a hard introspective look at yourself and how you manage your emotions, your reaction to events, and your relationships.

Taking this kind of an inventory of how you are doing is not easy. I can remember my epiphanal moment regarding my own EI. I was having a conversation with one of the lieutenants in the organization I was leading and I could tell from the beginning I was not connecting. The conversation was cordial, and there were no issues, but I could just tell I was not getting my intended message across. I could see it in his eyes that he heard me, but he didn’t connect with me.

In other words, he would do what I had asked, but the way I asked had demotivated him. This was a problem. I remember walking away thinking I have to improve the way I am coming across and what people are not hearing because of my failure to realize my own faults in connecting. It was then that I began to research EI and begin to apply it to not only my leadership life but my whole life. This is why EI is so important. It can help you improve in all areas of your life.

In 1995, Danile Goleman published the seminal book Emotional Intelligence. It immediately became a NY Times Best Seller and sold millions of copies. In the book Goleman gives the five components of EI. They are Self Awareness, Self Management, Organizational Awarness, Relationship Management, and Empathy.

In next weeks blog, I will begin to define and dive deep into these components. Until then take a moment to reflect on your ability to connect to people. Do you struggle with how you approach people, come across or connect with people. If so. There’s hope. Until next time. KEEP SHARING THE GROWTH!!!

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Dean Crisp
CEO Crisp Consulting Group/Leaders Helping Leaders Network


Dean Crisp

“Emotional Intelligence is THE component of leadership that will make or break you as a professional and a leader. Learn it, understand it, apply it.”


1 thought on “Pillar 2: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

  1. I believe EQi will be the most important component for future leaders. Understanding it’s role in personal and leadership development, will be critical to any professional’s success and advancement.

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